Monday, August 1, 2011

100th Post Celebration!!! Blog Contest!!

Today is the 5-month anniversary of my blog, and it just so happens to also be the 100th post!!   I didn’t plan that, I swear.   It’s hard to believe that I’ve accumulated 77 followers (although probably less than 15 of you actively follow my blog, lol) and almost 3,000 views in such a short time!

To thank everyone for making me feel loved and quasi-talented and all, I’m having another blog contest, with more FREE JEWELRY! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!

This one’s easier than my last blog contest.   Just be a follower of my blog and post a comment below this post by, oh, let's say Friday, August the 5th. I’ll randomly select 3 people and they’ll each get a free glass tile pendant handmade by yours truly.  I can make them of any picture/photo/graphic, etc., including (but not limited to) the winner's favorite writing god, muse, or patron saint.  You can find my complete list HERE, and as always, if anyone knows of one I've left out, let me know and I'll add him/her/them to my list.

I'll announce the winners on Monday, August 8th, then contact them and send them my templates so they can choose which pendant they'd like.  So don't forget to leave me some way to contact you if you win!! :D


Here are some pictures of some of my pendants, but you can see others I have made HERE, at my etsy shop.  Picture quality is sometimes poor because my camera has a sense of humor.

Calliope - Greek Muse of epic poetry & literature

Nabu, Babylonian god of wisdom & writing

Manjushri, the Hindu bodhisattva of writing, poetry, and knowledge.


  1. I love contests...and blogs...and shiny things...thanks for putting them all in one place for me!

    Congrats on your longevity and keep up the great work.

    Cheers, Ash

  2. Ooh 100, well done! I'm still in single figures and feeling a tad iffy. But well done!

  3. Congrats on the milestone hun, it's one of many for you I'm sure!

  4. I am so happy for your five month anniversary!! I love jewels and such and, as you know, am your best friend and pregnant so I wouldn't be opposed to favoritism. Lol....I kid, I kid....kind of. Anywho, love you oodles and congrats again!

  5. Stopping by to say WOOT!

    (Not entering the contest because, hah!, I don't need to!)

    And to everyone, these pendants are soooooo pretty and inspirational. I have two that Becky created and they make fabulous desk bling. And if I ever do author appearances, they will be part of the "author attire." I have plans to turn one of them into a zipper pull for a purse. I could also see them as zipper pulls for light coats -- for males as well as females. Quite versatile. You WANT one!


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