Friday, July 29, 2011

So Many Babies!!

Everyone I know is having/just had babies!  Lol!  Here are a few born within the last month:

This is Zach, born to my husband's childhood best friend's little sister last week.

This is Julian, born to my childhood best friend Arianne about a month or so ago, posing for his parents' directing company (She played Nicholas Cage's daughter in "Drive Angry!"  I know her!  Lol.  Now Everyone go rent "The Other Side of Paradise" at iTunes!! ).

And this is Austin, born exactly 12 hours ago at 12:43 AM to my husband's childhood best friend Nathan, and of course Austin's Mommy, Charissa.  She wanted him for a very, very long time, so I'm very happy for them.

There are a few others, but I couldn't find their pictures.  I also know a few people who are pregnant.  There are little tiny people simply everywhere!

Does that make me want to have one, you ask?   HECK, NO!  

I know, I know, kids are miraculous and beautiful and they give your life purpose and love and joy and joyness.

Blah, blah, blah.  They’re also expensive and inconvenient. 

I can hear my Mom sighing now; she's been collecting toys for her future grandchildren since I was 17 years old.  And yes, it was a mixed message, and I told her so at the time (who tells their 17-year-old, "Don't have sex until you're married, but look at the toys I bought for your kids"?).  It's been 12 years since then, and not a single grandchild in sight.  I'm the oldest and the only one who's married, so her highest hopes rest on me.  Plus I'm not quite so crazy as my brother and sister.  (Don't like that, Paul? Maybe if you emailed your sister every once in awhile I wouldn't insult you quite so much. :P )

No, we have dogs and a goddaughter and furniture and liquor and fancy electronics, and that's just how we like it. 

But congrats to all the new & future Mommies out there anyway!

And this is just for fun, and apparently it's the best way to have 400 babies, were you so inclined:

Oh...and does anyone know why my posts won't show up in Dashboard for like 5 hours?  I've tried changing up the "Post Date & Time" settings, switching internet browsers, and everything else I could think of.  I posted this at 12:45PM, but I'm willing to bet you don't see it in your Dashboard until at least 3, maybe not even then.


Anyway, have a great weekend, everybody! 


  1. Hmm, not sure about the Dashboard thing, but them babies is cute!

  2. Hahaha, I keep waiting for my maternal clock to start kicking in, but it hasn't yet either! My mother is likewise impatient... ;)

  3. This is totally off-topic but I think you're mentioned on my blog today! I saw you on QT and think you're the same person. I interviewed the Query Goblin, who mentioned you.(I think.) Check it out at: and let me know. Please??

  4. Gasp!!! That's totally me! lol. Thanks for letting me know! Query Goblin is awesome. :D


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