Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Odd Blog Traffic

I don't know about you guys, but I get a kick out of checking my stats and seeing which posts have gotten the most lookie-loos, how many people checked out my blog today, and where people link from.

But a couple of days ago, I started noticing some...odd...referring URLs.  Porno URLs, to be specific.  I saw all the X-es and was like, "WTF????"  I didn't believe it at first.  I thought, surely I'm mistaken, and these aren't REALLY porn sites.  So, yes, I actually clicked on the URL and...yep, that's some porn, alright. 

Apparently I've been getting 7-8 hits per day from at least two different pornographic websites.  I glanced through my previous posts to see if there are any words or phrases that might have triggered such a thing.  The only thing that jumped out at me was from my previous Creativity Exercise:  "Q:  Do you like happy endings?   A:  I don't frequent massage parlors, thank you."  Ok, so maybe Google might mistake that for a triple-x keyword.  Whopsie-doodle!

But while I didn't exactly stick around to explore the inner workings of said porn site, I don't remember seeing a 'google search' bar there, either.  So why would a porno site refer its clientele to a writing blog?  Or anywhere else, for that matter...don't they want them to stay there?  Is it some weird advertising mix-up?

I'm not even mad; I'm just curious.

Any ideas why this might be happening?  Have any of you notice odd referring URLs or websites in your blogger statistics?


  1. Oh man. Jealous. I've been trying to figure out how to drive readers and not just writers to my blog. Who knew porn fans were avid readers and writers too? OK, new marketing plan...

    Sadly, my referring URLs are pretty mundane - and I use both Blogger and StatCounter to check them. (Hello, I'm Phoenix. Fellow control freak.)

  2. That's totally strange. First, I thought that article I read a couple of months ago was kidding that those sites were switching to triple-x. I wasn't going to find out. Second, well, it's just really weird like you said. I say if it gets worse, then get worried.

  3. I got a bunch of hits on my Reading While Walking entry from some kinky sites, but the connection there was a little clearer than here. Those were folks who really liked their books! Heh.


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