Monday, July 18, 2011

How to Predict the Future

Is your current religion boring, stagnant, or just plain NOT telling you the future?   Are you sick and tired of just waiting around for things to happen?   Wouldn’t you like to know what’s going to happen tomorrow, TODAY?   Or is your current means of divining the future just not cutting the mustard?

Well, perhaps you should consider one of the following means of fortune-telling.   These are just my personal favorites/most unusual means of prophesizing, because you’ve likely already tried the more common ones.    By no means is this list comprehensive; check out this website: for a more complete list of all the things one can use to become the best darn oracle, seer, or prophet you can be.

(Assume that each definition is preceded by the words, “Divination by…”)

Acultomancy – Needles

Ailuromancy – Watching a cat’s movements

Alectormancy – Sacrificing a rooster

Alectryomancy – Watching a rooster gather corn kernels

Alveromancy – Sound

Ambulomancy – Taking a walk

Amniomancy – Examining afterbirth

Anthracomancy – Burning coals

Anthropomancy – Examining human entrails

Armomancy – Examining one’s shoulders

Batraquomancy – Frogs

Belomancy – Arrows

Bibliomancy – Opening a book at random

Brontomancy – Thunder

Capnomancy – Smoke

Catoptromancy – Examining a mirror placed underwater

Cephalomancy – Boiling an ass’s head

Ceraunoscopy – Lightning

Ceroscopy – Wax drippings

Chronomancy – Time

Cleidomancy – Keys

Cromnyomancy – Onions

Dactyliomancy – A finger

Dririmancy – Observing dripping blood

Floromancy – Belief that flowers have feelings

Gastromancy – Sounds from the belly

Geloscopy – Laughter

Gyromancy – Falling from dizziness

Kaphalonomancy – Baking an ass’s head (not to be confused with boiling an ass's head)

Logarithmancy – Algorithms

Odentomancy – Teeth

Oinomancy – Wine

Ololygmancy – Howling of dogs

Oomancy – Eggs

Pedomancy – Soles of the feet

Retromancy – Looking over one’s shoulder

Scatomancy – Excrement

Scyphomancy – A cup

Stolisomancy – Observing how one dresses oneself

Tiromancy – Cheese

Urimancy – Urine

Xenomancy – Strangers

Xylomancy – Wood

And so many more!!!

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  1. Oh boy. I learned things I wish I didn't. LOL.


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