Sunday, May 22, 2011

OoOoO! Another Blog Award!!

 Infinite thanks to Lexcade for bestowing upon me the

I feel all squishy inside!

As with the Versatile Blogger award, there are rules.

1. Thank and link the person who nominated you (done!)
2. Share seven random facts about yourself (If you've done this one already, list seven of your favorite things)
3. Pass the award on to five buddies
4. Contact the winners to congratulate them.

Ok, so, hmm...who to share this award with?  It seems like everyone's already gotten this one at some point or another (lol), so I'm just going to parcel them out to anyone who I think has an awesome blog and if you've gotten it before, bask in the glory of receiving it yet again! :)

Yay, presents!

Ok, so seven of my favorite things...

1.  Book:  The Song in the Silence by Elizabeth Kerner.  Seriously, I love this book.  I have gone through 3 copies of it from all the re-reading.  It's been something like 8 years since she last put a book out and I just found out she's about to release another.  I'm so excited!

2.  Movie:  Children of Men.  If you haven't seen it, you simply must.

3.  Person:  My husband, David.  He cute.

4.  Song:  Apocalypse, Please by Muse.  MUUUUUUSE!!  I love their music!  It's so dark and a little twisted, just like me. ;)

5.  Food:  It's an Armenian dish called "pennerlies."  They're these little puffed dough pockets filled with cheese you can't find anywhere but Wisconsin.  I try to wheedle my Mom into making them for me every year on my birthday.  I can make a lot of Armenian food myself, but I've never attempted pennerlies. I don't have a dining room table or an oklavu (Armenian rolling pin that looks like a broom handle) with which to roll the dough out to the size of an entire dining room table.

6.  Fantastical beast:  Dragons.  OMG, dragons!

7.  TV show:  Dexter!!  Again, it's all creepy and twisted, and I like a touch of insanity in my fantasy world.  Not in my real world, though.  Keep that to yourself. :)

Oh, and to my blog contest award winners...I mailed your pendants out today!!  Sorry they took so long, but the humidity has been abysmal and it took all week for the glue to dry. :(  I'm still a little concerned about them, so if the bubble wrap makes them look all funky in transit, let me know and I'll redo them for you.



  1. Aww *sniffle* thank you!

    Isn't it funny how a simple list of faves can help you form a complete mental image of a person? I feel I've just gotten a little deeper into your head. (And I want out. Seriously. Right now.)

    I like having posting directions for between query-crit lulls and the weekend! I'll get mine up soon.

    And, ooh, pendant! Can't wait!

  2. Awww! Thanks! "Everyone" may have gotten one already, but I haven't, so yay!

  3. sweet! I love that I'm stylish. I think it's awesome you listed your hubby : )


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