Friday, May 20, 2011

Dream Log #2

OMG, it’s too early to be awake.

Anyway, I haven’t been keeping up with my vow to post my half-crazed author’s dreams since the last raptor one, largely because my dreams were too personal to immortalize on Google’s cache, I forgot them, or they just weren’t interesting or coherent enough to whittle into a blog post.

But last night’s was!

I started out as some disgraced goddess bound to human form for some crime (I don’t remember what it was). My sentence was completed, I guess, because I was in the process of moving my stuff out of my crappy little apartment and reclaiming my place in the pantheon. The goddess who’d exiled me hung out at my place as I packed, looking unhappy and keeping up a running commentary on how ugly my furniture was and how I deserved to be a human forever. She had this wooden box filled with bismuth representations of other gods and goddesses. I didn’t know why she kept showing them to me, but she kept telling me who they were & what they ruled over.

Then I went to a friend’s birthday party, but I was feeling depressed (I don’t remember why) so I fell asleep on the couch and they let me sleep through the whole thing. I was annoyed at that, but everyone acted as though they’d done me a favor. When I tried to ask my friend how she liked my presents, since she callously opened them while I was asleep, she showed me the fancy new magical/electronic doodads she’d gotten instead (they were pretty cool, though).

So I left and went to Half Price Books, where, naturally, Patrick Stewart ran his comedic Shakespearean acting troupe. I watched some footage of their plays where chainmail was the only costume they used (including beards). They asked me when I was going to come in for that second audition they’d been bugging me about. I set up an appointment, then got lost trying getting out of downtown Dallas and was late to work.

Then the dogs decided to have mild coronaries and woke me up two whole minutes before my alarm went off.


  1. Dunno, Becky. When I think Patrick Stewart and chainmail, somehow that isn't what my subconscious has in mind. But wow that you could remember three different dream lines!

  2. Yeah, normally I don't hang on to my dreams that well, which is why I used it today. It was also a pretty tame dream, for me. They're normally way weirder than that.

  3. I have weird (read: psychotic) ones too, but none of them have involved Patrick Stewart (that I can remember anyway). I'm jealous lol.

    I have a present for you on my blog, btw ;)


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