Friday, March 4, 2011

Repeating myself

For those who don't know, I submitted the first 15,000 words of EYES OF STONE to Angry Robot Books.  Much to my everlasting joy and surprise, less than 24 hours after I submitted it, I got back:

"I have very much enjoyed what I have read of Eyes of Stone and would like to request to read the full manuscript.  Please send the full novel..." 

Had to read it thirty, maybe forty times.  Heck, I've gone back once every couple of hours and re-read it, because Lord knows how familiar the aspiring writer is with rejection.  We all need a little boost every once in awhile.  I still go back and read the partial requests I got from DM and BookEnds, even though one's still out and one was ultimately rejected.  But we gotta take what small victories we can get, am I right?

I'm thinking about posting some of my worldbuilding exercizes on here later on, because 2 of my current 3 followers (kisses to all of you, btw) have read something of my novel already and perhaps they'd be interested in knowing how, exactly, the gargoyles turn to 'not-stone.'  Or what Laryial's principal export is.  Or maybe they won't.  Don't know.  We'll find out!

I'm also working on some character sketches.  I have a good idea of what Tarcos and Sefal look like, because they look kind of like celebrities.  That wasn't intentional.  I flipped on the TV, got my first look at said celebrities and thought, "Holy crap; it's like they posed for it."  I'm not gonna say who for now; maybe I'll get some work done on them and post em up...see if YOU can tell ME.

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