Thursday, March 31, 2011

Last day to submit to the Angry Robots!

It's March 31st, and you have precious hours left to submit your magnificent, wonderous, amazing, ground-breaking sci-fi/fantasy/horror novel to Angry Robot Books.  I got a request for the full manuscript, and so can you!  Good luck to everyone who entered; may all of our inboxes be flooded with gushing emails of adoration and publication offers.

Angry Robot Submission Guidelines

Don't like robots?  Well, here is a list I've put together of some other publishers who also accept submissions sans agent, and links to their guidelines pages.  Bear in mind I write predominantly fantasy & horror, so this list is mostly related to those publishers who work with those genres.  I plan to submit my MS to some (or possibly all) of these, should the Robots find Eyes of Stone lacking.  Good luck to all!

PYR Publishing

DAW Books

TOR Books


Otherworld Publications  (Not currently accepting submissions, but they do from time to time)

Bell Bridge Books

Farrar, Straus, & Giroux

Black Rose Writing

EDGE Publishing

Baen Publishing


  1. Ooh, hey, this list of publishers is relevant to my interests! **bookmarks it**

  2. I'm not even near to the end of my project, what's a pity. I'd love to participate!


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