Saturday, June 4, 2011

Coco Puffs Look Like Bunny Poops

(Title is unrelated)

It is currently...2:32 AM in North Texas.  I have Family Guy on Adult Swim in the background, and a now room-temperature diet root beer and a bowl of ever-softening Coco Puffs teetering precariously on the desk above my keyboard.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have had a breakthrough.

For anyone who's been paying attention, I cleared almost 3,000 words today on my WIP.

Once again, I am surprised by where the story takes me.  I've been puttering along, extending Book 2 only through editing for far longer than I care to admit and checking my email every 15 seconds for...well, anything.

Then I change scenes, and voila; there the story is!  Sneaky little bastard.  Hiding all this time just down the hall from that abusive a-hole Levi's bedchamber.  Silly me, hanging around there for weeks, hoping he'll say something interesting.  Pshaw!  I should have known better.

All right, break's over; back to work.



  1. Woohooo! Glad to hear you're having so much success with Book Two! I seem to do brilliantly on mine until I remember it's Book Two, and that means Book One needs to get published first... And what's going on with Book One, anyway? Maybe I'll go check QueryTracker to see if there's any new comments about my agents... And so on and so on...

    On another unrelated note, I constantly compare bunny poop to Cocoa Puffs when I'm hiking around my nature center with my students. The similarity is uncanny!

  2. good for you, you're on a hot streak!


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