Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy time is Baby time!!

In case you missed the exciting news via Twitter & Facebook, I'm pregnant! YAAAY!!!  I'm about 5 weeks along (according to their weird calendar, anyway.  The baby was conceived 3 weeks ago, but that's not how they measure it; go figure), probably due in February.

We just told the Grandmas 9and everyone else) this weekend.  I made these crystal bracelets (for the girls) and keychains (for the boys) for each family member that said things like "Nana," Grandma," "Hello, my name is Uncle Bobby," etc. We have them their presents and waited for the gasps!  This will be the first grandbaby for everyone, so everyone is SUPER excited! My mom cried all day, told everyone we saw all about it, lol. 

The crazy thing is that my sister is also pregnant, just about as far along as I am, so we'll be racing to see who will REALLY give Nana the first grandchild.  I told her no having them on the same day, because we live over an hour apart and of course Mom can't be both places at once!  It'll be kind of nice, since I was beginning to despair that my kids would ever have any cousins, or if they did, they'd be so far apart in age that they wouldn't be interested in one another.

There sure does seem to be something in the water, though; my best friend is pregnant (5 months along), and one of my husband's best friends' wife is, too, also 5 weeks along. Craziness!

I;m going to try and stick to my low-carb diet for the most part.  not TOTALLY, of course; it wouldn't be safe for the baby for me to only eat 20 carbs a day, so I'm bumping it up to around 60-70 carbs a day, which is the "maintenance level" of the low-carb diet, and I'll try to get those mostly from fruits and veggies.  I won't lose any more weight, but I shouldn't gain too much, either.  Everything I've looked at online seems to back up my belief that this will be fine for the baby. After all, I can't imagine that I'll be denying my baby any real nutrition by abstaining from sugar, bread, and pasta.

My first prenatal visit will be July 2nd.  We're so excited!!


  1. I can't explain how excited I am for you. Being that I have a baby now, I am aware of how incredibly wonderful they are. It's the craziest thing, when they are born you are exhausted, so beyond tired that you think your just gonna pass out in mid conversation and the moment you get a chance to sleep, you can't. You can't take your eyes off of this incredible life in front of you. You definitely feel love, but even more so you have this overwhelming awareness that you would throw yourself in front of train for this child. It's amazing.

  2. So happy you posted this, because I did miss it on Twitter! Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you, this is an amazing time, and truly only gets better. Coming from a mama of two, you're embarking on a fantastic, one of a kind ride, the most rewarding and challenging ride of your life - enjoy every moment of it! Congrats hun!

  3. So excited for you. I did miss the twitter announcement. Congrats to you and the hubby. Another exciting journey, and I'm sure you going have an awesome ride!

  4. I'm super excited that our little ones will be second generation best friends! That's pretty much the coolest thing ever!!!

    Love, Ashley (because i couldn't figure how in the hell i've commented on here before without having to sign in)

  5. Woohooooo!!! Congratulations... This is amazing news!


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