Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm generally trying to keep this blog devoted exclusively to writing, but last night we had the craziest wind/hailstorm that I had to share.  My mother-in-law's living room windows got busted out, and we were afraid ours would, too.  Went on for almost an hour.

We had a contractor come out, and our roof is officially totaled.  So, new roof!  And new fencing and gutters and trim around the windows, and the contractors are covering our deductible, so we won't pay anything.  Almost makes it worth it.

Our front yard was covered in hailstones like this, most of them about quarter-sized.  It looked like a snowstorm had hit.

The wind & hail snapped the beam off and now our dogs and out neighbor's dogs are gonna be friends until we get it put back up
The hail fell so hard, it actually damaged the wood of the rest of the fence.

All the windows on this side of the house have damaged trim.  I think there are like7 in all like this, some worse.


  1. Had a very bad hail storm once when I lived in Colorado. Houses everywhere had to have their roofs replaced.(Bet the insurance companies didn't like that. A new roof job for the price of your deductible!) You should consider having somoene come out to inspect your roof.

  2. That's too bad :( I hope everything else is okay with you.

  3. Our contractor is going to pay our deductible, so it's not so bad. Lots of other people in our neighborhood had windows busted out, garage doors ruined, and major damage to their cars, so things could be worse.


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